Vertex33 is a platform for runners.

A network to develop ideas and campaigns to better the world through collective courage and social good.

Formerly known as Run For Yemen (RFY)

Vertex33 is a collective to bring change through movement

Built on the foundation that cumulative goodwill can lead to change, Vertex33 was established to put energy towards causes around the world through running and other physical activity. By leading campaigns, Vertex33 aims to provide a platform to a diverse and inclusive community driving change through positivity, support and collaboration.

A few of our runners will be participating in the Vitality Big Half Marathon this Sunday.
As part of our commitment to run for social good we will be pledging our run to a few charities which would benefit greatly from your support. The charities are based in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Haiti, Lebanon, Palestine, Venezuela and Yemen. We encourage you to donate directly to the causes. Please share, raise awareness and donate in whatever capacity you have available.

Please See Causes Via The Links Below:

Thank you!